Arctuvian Gambit is the Free Online Space Strategy Game.
Arctuvian Gambit is turn based strategy, that is quick to start and easy to learn.
Arctuvian Gambit is browser based, there is nothing to install.

Build ships, battle enemy fleets, and conquer planets to build your empire!
Or, command a benign fleet and liberate allied planets from marauding villains!
Master the art of building and deploying the right ships...
and the right number of the right ships to outwit your opponent.

Scians battle the Phyrese for the Cersian-Yvelo Sector Scians battle the Phyrese for the Cersian-Yvelo Sector

In Arctuvian Gambit, pick your homeworld...

Select one of nine homeworlds

Arctuvian Gambit is fun
for ALL ages and ALL skill levels.
There are four difficulty levels to challenge you: Cadet, Ensign, Captain, and Admiral.

Four Terran colonies survived the fall of the Terran empire:
  • Arctuvian
  • Cobic
  • Scian
  • Uphelian

Or select from one of five alien homeworlds:
  • Dimbrene
  • Gathish
  • Phyrese
  • Vultese
  • Yrians
Arctuvian Gambit has an easy to learn drag and drop command window.
Drag and drop to build ships Drag a ship from the command palette onto one of the flashing spawn points to build it.

Drag and drop to move ships Once a ship has been built, try dragging it. As you drag it, spaces will flash to indicate where the ship may legally be moved. Drop the ship to make the move. There is an "Undo" button to undo all your current moves. Your turn isn't over until you click "Commit".

NO account creation required, just start playing the game.  NO big up front investment in learning curve.

Arctuvian Gambit will enthuse younger audiences for short games, and keep veterans puzzled for hours.
With millions of scenarios, you never need to play the same scenario twice!
Or, play the game like a puzzle: replay a scenario over and over until you unlock the secret to winning it.
Challenge yourself to win a scenario with the fewest number of moves possible!
Capture all the planets, and WIN THE GAME!